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        Ceramic ball bearings with silicon nitride
        Over the years, ceramic materials has been a research engineer engaged in bearings are most interested in the material. "Ceramic bearing" usually brings to mind the ceramics are made entirely by the operation of a red hot without lubrication of bearings. Much early work focused on high-temperature environment of the whole ceramic bearing research, such as air turbine engine bearings. At present, this kind of bearings are continuing, but the need to improve the lubrication system. Recent development work has focused on the steel ferrule or raceway with mixed ceramic ball bearings. Hybrid bearings have been in the machine spindle such occasions there is an urgent need to use, but its use has become an increasingly widespread.
        There are many kinds of ceramic materials, their composition, microstructure and properties vary. Have shown that, when used for silicon nitride bearing material has the best physical and mechanical properties. At present, the silicon nitride ball all over the world annual production is estimated at almost one million.
        Hybrid ceramic bearing with the same type of all-steel bearings compared to its most important features are:
        1. Enhance the speed of operation, because of low density silicon nitride ball means to reduce the centrifugal force.
        2. Rigidity increases, because the elastic modulus ratio of silicon nitride bearing steel large 50%.
        3. Fever reduction, because silicon nitride ball with a small friction coefficient, good exercise performance characteristics.
        4, thermal stability better, because the thermal expansion coefficient of silicon nitride are one-third of steel.
        5. Designed greater flexibility, because silicon nitride bearing material properties so that designers can change different parameters without having to consider the impact.
        When applied to machine tools, these features enable the productivity and machining accuracy is improved, so that product quality be improved. Traditionally used for high-speed spindle bearing lubrication device to be used in general monoxide or oil mist lubrication systems, lubricating grease will be reduced because all-steel bearings performance. On the other hand, hybrid bearings can be safely used lubricating grease. On the machine tool manufacturer, the cancellation of the oil lubrication system monoxide can significantly reduce costs.
        For aircraft engines in the hybrid ceramic bearing is also development. Air turbine engine running at high speed, the ball bearings in the centrifugal force generated by the load, usually restricting the maximum engine speed of the main factors. Equipped with low-density silicon nitride hybrid ball bearings provide higher speeds at the possibility of functioning, in addition to bearing less internal heat, can significantly reduce weight.
        Hybrid ceramic bearing the most common form of silicon nitride balls are equipped with angular contact ball bearings, such bearings can also have both radial axial load effectively high-speed operation. However, the axial load in one direction only from the imposition. These bearings are usually installed in pairs and to impose pre-load in order to ensure the correct contact angle. Angular contact ball bearings and deep groove ball bearings at one end compared to the larger openings, so usually reinforced phenolic resin cage. Some mixed-bearing products in the material although only put the ball into the silicon nitride balls, but on the other hand, the channel geometry has been improved to optimize bearing performance. Some other types of ceramic ball can be used for some special occasions, such as instrument bearings and bearing gyro.
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